Vision And Mission

Vision Statement

To be the leading-edge service, law enforcement, trade facilitation and revenue collection organisation in the region and beyond through the efforts of professional and dedicated staff.

Mission Statement

  • To support economic growth and development by facilitating legitimate trade and travel, revenue generation and collection.
  • To protect our borders and provide increased security to the global trade supply chain by enforcing compliance with all the laws and regulations under which we are empowered to act.
Rates of Exchange
Effective May 06 2019
Curr $TT $Curr $TT
DKK 1.01992GBP 9.33172
FIM 1.28109JPY 0.06426
HKD 0.86668EUR 8.01012
INR 0.09829CHF 6.94104
MYR 1.64393ECD 2.61743


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