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Rates of Exchange
Effective April 14 2014
Curr $TT $Curr $TT
AUS 0.65253USD 6.46586
XOF 0.22258CAD 6.03457
BRL 2.91560GBP 10.97520
DKK 1.20256JPY 0.06464
FIM 1.51016EUR 9.00890

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News and Advisories

Boat Captain Sentenced
January 11 2013
Boat Captain jailed for smuggling US currency at Queen's Wharf.
Carenage Marijuana
January 11 2013
Customs and Excise officers seize marijuana at Carenage.
Guns at TTPOST
January 11 2013
Customs and Excise officers seize firearms at TTPOST Piarco.

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